03 December 2009

Cooley High (1975)

Shiiiiiiiiiiit. This movie is pretty fun! It's basically a really okay coming-of-age-story of some teenagers in Chicago. They're black, though, so it's not quite American Graffiti. I guess one could call it Black American Graffiti. Anyway, these fellows are kind of mischievous, kind of badasses, and really sweet. Besides being a lot of fun and sporting some excellent soul music, Cooley High does something that possibly NO OTHER MOVIE has ever done or can ever do: It connects Welcome Back Kotter and The Wire! Look at the two stars to the right. One is Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs [maybe you remember him on that wacky Nick at Nite TV show as Freddie Boom Boom Washington?]. The other is, BOOM, Glynn Turman, or Mayor Royce from The Wire! Both dudes are actin' up and lookin' foxy at the same time. Watch this movie!

4/5 pizzas

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  1. I think you meant to say Welcome Black Kotter.