03 December 2009

Viva Las Vegas! (1964)

For a person who has a billion problems with Elvis and who also really doesn't love his music, I have an irrational love for Elvis movies. You know, Paradise Hawaiian Style, Blue Hawaii, and of course, Viva Las Vegas! I hadn't seen this in years and it was really nice to rewatch it. Okay, I don't have enough space to address the patriarchy that imbues this movie. Obviously Elvis movies = heteronormativity, exploitation, objectification, racism, etc. These are problems. What I do want to talk about is the great songs in this movie. I guess this is a musical, and I guess you can add it to my list of two. Besides the theme song, it features many a great duet with Ann Maragret.

I'd like to point something out: You know how lots of people JUST wear leggings and a shirt and think that's okay? As if leggings are just pants? Guess what, they are not! Pants are pants, leggings are tights, people. This was a huge problem at my university, and I blame it one Ann Maraget. See below:

3/5 pizzas

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  1. "Pants are pants, leggings are tights, people."

    Ugh, agreed. I do not want to look at everyone's spandex-y butt, just as everyone probably wouldn't want to see mine. It seems uncomfortable, also!