03 December 2009

Last Life in the Universe (2003)

I finally got a chance to see this movie almost 3 years after a library patron recommended it to me when I worked at a certain media center. Turns out it was pretty neat. The protagonist is an obsessively neat librarian dude who often tries to kill himself -- not in a serious way, but more in a Harold of Harold and Maude way. Anyway, he meets this lady in the library who is reading a Japanese comic book. This takes place in Thailand, by the way, and the guy is a Japanese immigrant. And the lady speaks Japanese. It's pretty perfect. He's neat, she's sloppy; he's quiet, she's loud; they both like noodles. It's basically the Thai Odd Couple.

Please do watch this movie. It's strange and offbeat and pro-librarian.

4/5 pizzas

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