03 December 2009

Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

It's another marvelous collaboration of the Dream Team: Kurt Russell and John Carpenter! Maybe you remember a couple of their other movies that take place in major cities? Well this one takes place in San Francisco, or Chinatown. As many racist action movies of its ilk, Big Trouble has a ridiculous plot: The guy on the right is bringing his soon-to-be bride on the right to America. She is kidnapped by the evil Lo Pan and his crew, so Jack [the man in the un-sexy tank top] goes to save her. Kim Cattrall is along for the ride; she's just some do-gooder.

They go into some underground lair to battle Eastern mysticism. I guess they're too busy doing that too smash racism. There is some kick-ass kung fu, though.

3/5 pizzas

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