03 December 2009

The Tresure of the Sierra Madre (1948)

Uh yes hello! This is one of my favorite Humphrey movies! It's about greed! And capitalism! And friendship! [And the racist portrayal of many a latino man]. Just in case you are a crazy person and haven't seen this movie, it centers around 3 dudes who go looking for gold back in the day. The best character is the old man Walter Huston! Guess what? He's John Huston's [the director's] father! Anyway, he talks a mile and minute and totally schools the two young'uns about greed.

Other facts about this movie: John Huston makes a cameo and a gila monster takes over the desert.

4/5 pizzas

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  1. Too bad Humphrey's in NJ and couldn't watch this movie with us.